Fishing Tips

  • Scratch your fishing itch with springtime river rough fish

    If game fish seasons have closed in your area and you still crave the tug of a big fish, then head on down to a nearby river and try your luck on some rough fish. Carp, suckers and catfish swim most rivers and will put up a great fight. It…

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  • Eight basic tips for catching bass

    Try these tips when the open water bass season arrives By Louie Stout Contributing Writer The long winter is passing, and it’s time to turn those bassin’ fantasies into real life experiences. Of course, some parts of Outdoors News country may still be under ice or state regulations that prohibit anglers from…

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  • Ice fishing tip: Look shallow for a great bite

    By: JPT Captain, Blake Quall In the summer, shallow weed lines are full of life. The weeds hold bait, tons of panfish and a magnitude of game fish ranging from bass to muskie. In these summer months, anglers are quick to key in to the great shallow-water bites. However, come…

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