Coaches Corner

  • Ice fishing tip: Using underwater cameras to be a more productive angler

    We are surrounded by technology in our day-to-day lives, so it’s no surprise that technology accompanies us on the hard water. Sonar units have evolved from simple flashers to digital screens and now tablets with GPS features and underwater camera capabilities. There are also underwater cameras that can wirelessly connect…

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  • Ice fishing tips: To keep warm on the ice, stay cool first

    Across the ice belt we deal with all sorts of weather. A common question about winter sports is how to stay warm while spending time in the cold. People ask, “What are the best boots, best suits, or best gloves?” Cold-weather clothing options have exploded in the outdoors marketplace. Choose…

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  • Ice fishing tips: important safety equipment for first ice ventures

    As the mercury drops, ice is beginning to form. This year we’ve been getting teased with cooler weather, but it just hasn’t stayed cold enough yet to form good ice. That will change soon and ice fishermen will begin to test and venture out on first ice. Ice is never…

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