Captain’s Corner

Captain: Cody Fischbach

Favorite Fish: Bass and Walleye

Favorite Game Animal: Turkey

Favorite outdoor activity other than hunting or fishing: Camping

Social Media: Instagram: walleye.hunters
Cody is an all around outdoorsman and one of the the things he likes most it that everyone is able to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Cody enjoys taking time to share his passion and helping others to enjoy the outdoors as much as he does.

Captain: Ethan Falkinburg

Favorite Fish: Steelhead and Largemouth Bass

Favorite Game Animal: Turkey and Waterfowl

Favorite outdoor activity other than hunting or fishing: Baseball

Social Media: Instagram: e__falkinburg - avonfishing
Ethan began fishing at a very young age and was introduced to hunting soon after. He is an avid outdoorsman and eats, drinks and sleeps fishing and hunting. His passion is fishing for largemouth bass and steelhead but also enjoys fishing for smallies, walleyes and just about any other fish found swimming nearby. He really enjoys sharing his experiences and teaching others how to fish. Ethan has also been learning how to make his own duck decoys which he hunts over in marshes surrounding the Sandusky Bay of Lake Erie.

Captain: Bronwyn Vande Kamp

Favorite Fish: Walleye and Largemouth Bass

Favorite Game Animal: Wild Turkey

Favorite outdoor activity other than hunting or fishing: Hiking

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram: bronwyn.vandekamp
Bronwyn loves open-water fishing with her dad and ice fishing durning the winter. She enjoys archery shooting year around and durning the spring we turkey hunt. Bronwyn loves being in the outdoors because it’s like nothing else that you’ll ever experience. Being out on a lake and watching the sunrise or sitting in a blind and hearing the world wake up, and on top of that, every time you go outside and do something, it’s an opportunity to learn and experience things you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Captain: Logan Sathre

Favorite Fish: Crappie and Walleye

Favorite Game Animal: Deer and Waterfowl

Favorite outdoor activity other than hunting or fishing: driving four-wheeler

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram
Logan is an avid hunter and angler and spends most of his time enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it be sitting in a tree deer hunting, laying in a field waiting for waterfowl, walking the trails for grouse, putting the boat in the water or drilling holes through the ice and fishing for just about any fish that swims among the midwest. Logan is also involved with the Bemidji High School Fishing Team. Logan enjoys helping others learn more about hunting and fishing and does some guiding on Lake of the Woods and also enjoys sharing tips and tactics with JPT members in our newsletters.

Captain: Andrew Kjeldergaard

Favorite Fish: bass

Favorite Game Animal: white-tailed deer

Favorite outdoor activity other than hunting or fishing: boating

Social Media: Intagram- andrewkjeldergaard Facebook- Andrew Kjeldergaaard Snapchat- andrewraykjelde
Andrew has a passion for hunting and and fishing and enjoys helping get kids learn more about the great outdoors. Andrew also enjoys fishing in SATT and FLW Tournaments. He can often be found fishing on a Litchfield, MN area lake.

Clay Ellis-Escobar

Favorite Fish: Bass

Favorite outdoor activity other than hunting or fishing: Golf

Social Media: @fishin4life006
Clay says he has always loved to be outside, from fishing, to shooting clay targets, to archery practice with his bow and arrow. In addition to playing football or baseball with his friends, Clay likes spending time golfing with his dad. He says he has been fishing since he was 5 years old. He also spends time on the ice as a member of the hockey team.

Captain: Gabby Olson

Favorite Fish: walleye

Favorite Game Animal: white-tailed deer and ducks

Favorite outdoor activity other than hunting or fishing: dirt biking

Social Media: Instagram- gabbyolson7 Snapchat- gabbyhunts
Gabby has always enjoyed being outside, whether it's hunting, fishing or playing fast-pitch softball, spending time outdoors where is where you will find her more often than not! Gabby started fishing at age 3 and shot her first BB gun when she was 6 and from then on she has been hooked on fishing and hunting. She enjoys traveling to her grandpa's land in northern Minnesota to hunt and ride dirt bikes.

Captain: Kyle Bahr

Favorite Fish: Largemouth Bass

Favorite Game Animal: Peasant

Favorite outdoor activity other than hunting or fishing: Outdoor Recreation

Social Media: Facebook- Kyle Bahr and Instagram- bahrbass1
Kyle enjoys doing anything that pertains to being outdoors. He spends much of his time running and operating Juice Baits along with his brother Tyler. They are not only business partners but they are also very competitive tournament anglers. -Kyle's Top Tournament Results- 2015 FLW State Tournament Champion 2015 Regional Tournament Qualifier 2016 Regional Tournament Qualifier 2017 FLW H.S. World Finals - Semi-Finals Qualifier 2018 TBF/FLW H.S. World Finals - Finals Qualifier 2018 TBF/FLW MN Multi-Species State Champion

Captain: Luke Sathre

Favorite Fish: Walleye

Favorite Game Animal: Waterfowl

Favorite outdoor activity other than hunting or fishing: Driving the side by side

Social Media: Snapchat @ lukers58
Luke enjoys spending most of his time in the great outdoors! He likes to get out on the boat fishing or cruising around on the pontoon. There's just something special about hunting and fishing with family and enjoying the outdoors!

Captain: Owen Gerads

Favorite Fish: Crappie and Walleye

Favorite Game Animal: Squirrel and Waterfowl

Favorite outdoor activity other than hunting or fishing: wakeboarding, wakesurfing, bowfishing and searching for shed antlers

Social Media: Instagram: owengerads50
Owen loves hunting and fishing and spends most of his time enjoying the great outdoors. Owen also enjoys sharing his experiences and teaching others about hunting and fishing.

Captain: Tyler Bahr

Favorite Fish: Smallmouth Bass

Favorite Game Animal: Pheasant

Favorite outdoor activity other than hunting or fishing: Golf

Social Media: Facebook: Tyler Bahr, Instagram: bahrtyler1
Spending time outdoors it what Tyler likes best. Getting out away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and finding peace in nature where he feels the most at home. Tyler also enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge of fishing with others to help them enjoy more time in the great outdoors!

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