Pre-ice fishing tips: Charge batteries and check over small engines to prepare for the ice season

Ice fishing will be here before you know it and paying attention to ice gear now can save you dollars and headaches when colder temps arrive.

Start by maintaining the batteries for your ice fishing electronics. Charge them and note any batteries that have drained down; they’ll probably need replacing before the hardwater season arrives. While you’re at it, top off batteries in snowmobiles and ATVs that see little or no use in the summer.

Start your power augers an make sure they are ready to go. The neighbors might think you’re crazy but they will be the ones with their augers in the shop while you’re catching fish!

Check all your small gasoline engines such as power augers, generators, ATVs, and snowmobiles. How you stored your engines will determine the action you take now. If you “summerized” the engine by treating and fogging the cylinders and carbs, then you should be set. I treat the gas at season’s end, then start my power auger and generator periodically during summer to keep fresh gas in the carburetors and prevent diaphragms and hoses from drying out.

Check on storage locations of all your other winter gear such as clothing and shelters to ensure it is safe and out of harms way from the sun, mice, and theft. Or maybe you haven’t properly stored your gear yet, and it simply could use a little attention.

Good luck fishing!

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