Summer Fishing Tips

As summer progresses start searching for fish in deeper depths and water with current

JPT Head Coach Jason Revermann is a hardcore angler and he's shared some valuable tips for keeping the bite hot when the water warms up during the summer months.

As summer sets in the water temps continue to rise. Make sure to start looking in deeper depths to locate all species. There will always be some fish that can be found shallow but as a general rule you are going to find most of the bigger fish relating to weeds and structure in deeper cooler water. 

Weedlines extend into deeper depths as summer progresses and many fish will continue to relate to the outside edge of the weeds. This can be in 8 feet of water on dirty or stained lakes and can extend beyond 20 feet in clear water lakes. 

One exception to this rule can be largemouth bass. Many bass will move to deeper water but there always seems to be some big ones lurking under heavy lilly pads, docks and other structures near shore. During lowlight periods bass will roam nearby areas around shade but as the sun rises they usually seek deeper depths or hang out under docks, lilly pads or boats and pontoons.

When fishing panfish in deeper water you can usually get by with fishing straight down beside the boat. You don’t need to use a bobber. I like to use heavier lures like tungsten jigs to get down faster and drop beyond the smaller panfish that are often at the top of the school of fish in the summer. Tipping your presentation with small plastics will often allow you to catch many fish on one bait but you can also use worms or leeches during a tough bite. 

Another time fish can be found shallow is on bodies of water with current such as rivers and reservoirs. Fish tend to stick around in shallow water much later into the summer in bodies of water that have current.

Moving water usually contains more oxygen and also attracts baitfish which then attracts game fish. Weedlines also tend to be in shallower water when there is current.

Jason Revermann is an all-around sportsman with an extreme passion for fishing. Much of his childhood was spent fishing local lakes and rivers across central Minnesota catching anything and everything that swam those waters.Walleyes would be Jason's favorite species to target but he also fishes for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, crappies, bluegills, catfish, and more. Check him out at J Rev Outdoors

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