Fishing tips: Catching bass in shallow water through the summer

by: Andrew Kjeldergaard

As we move deeper into summer most anglers think deep, but you can still find big bass in the shallows all year long.

When searching for bass in the summer I base my fishing locations off of these three things, first is amount of cloud cover, second is time of day, and third is wind direction. These conditions all affect how the fish react and move throughout the day.

I like to start in the morning around any shallow cover such as docks, trees, and heavy weeds while the sun is low, During this time I like to use a weighted Texas rig with a craw or stick bait slowly moving around all the cover taking time to really hit all the hot spots.

Bass can be found wandering around the cover early, but as the sun gets higher in the sky water temps will rise and bass will tend to seek out the shady areas under and around shallow-water cover.

Once the sun starts coming up the fishing patterns with become more noticeable. I tend to start off the day fishing with lighter weighted Texas rigs and then as the day goes on I like to use heavier weights.

As evening sets in I use a mix of both heavier and lighter presentations depending on bite.

On cloudy and windy days bass may not tend to seek out the shade as much, but they can still be found hanging around the cover looking for food.

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