Hunting Tips

  • Better turkey timing via trail cameras

    The cool thing about a lot of states, Minnesota included, is that the amount of days we can turkey hunt has increased the past several years. For both shotgun hunters and bowhunters alike, the number of potential days afield is higher than ever, and that’s a good thing. The only…

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  • Wild turkey hunting tips: preparing for your spring hunt

    Now is the time to pull out all your turkey hunting gear and check that it is all in good working order and ready for your spring hunt. Get out there and pattern your shotgun so you know what to expect when you pull the trigger. Shoot it at everything…

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  • Tips for finding shed antlers

    If you didn’t get that big buck you saw during the deer season chances are he still might be out there and hopefully he has stuck around your area so you can locate the antlers he has or is soon to drop. Knowing when to look: After the rut the…

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