State Fishing Regulations 2020

Reminder! Before you head out on the water - make sure you've read your State's Wildlife Division regulations for the current fishing season rules. Because biologists are making decisions to protect our fisheries, the rules may have changed from the previous season.

Here's a handy reference list! Note that some states offer apps you can download too.

Download the State of Illinois DNR  2020 regulations: FishingDigest

Download the State of Michigan DNR 2020 regulations: MIFishingGuide2020_684742_7

Download the State of Minnesota DNR 2020 regulations: fishing_regs

Download the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation 2020 regulations: fishguide

Download the Ohio DNR Division of Wildlife 2020 regulations: 2020-21 Fishing Regs WEB

Download the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission 2020 regulations (Pocket Guide version): bookfish-pocketguide

Download the Wisconsin DNR Hook and Line 2020 Fishing Regulations: fh0301

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