2020 Deer Season: Hard work, patience, and making memories with family

This deer hunting season I have learned hard work and patience. My family and I have been scouting and watching the woods since summer. We have walked many miles, watching for deer sign and tracks. There was a section of woods that a lot of deer were traveling that hadn’t been in previous years.

Dad and I decided to build a new stand towards the end of summer. We thought it would be easier to build it at the house and then bring it out to the woods. The stand was strapped to the tractor and we slowly brought it out to the woods. Three hours later, we finally got it placed on its legs. We cleared shooting lanes and got everything ready for opening weekend.

We had many deer on the game camera including some big bucks. Opening day I sat in the new stand and saw a buck chasing a doe. They were just out of range and I wasn’t comfortable taking a shot, so I passed on them. Walking out of the stand I notice a huge rub on the tree.
After I saw that rub I decided I was going to wait for a big buck. I was very patient through the rest of the season. I saw a few more deer but decided to wait. Unfortunately, the big buck never came through.

This season was a great learning experience, although I didn't get the big buck I was hoping for there were still many great memories made with my family.

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