Turkey hunting tips: Make sure to blend into your surroundings to increase your chances of shooting a bird

By Clay Ellis-Escobar

Spring is here and soon we will be out hunting turkeys. Make sure to check your camo gear to make sure it is ready to go.

Wear camouflage that’s appropriate for your surroundings-

There are lots of different patterns of camouflage. You want the correct pattern depending on the season and what you’re hunting for. For early spring turkey hunting, I’ll be wearing a camo pattern with greys and browns. You should always match your environment, for example, as trees and grasses turn more green towards summer, your camo should also have more green in it.

Camouflaging your neck, head, and face-

When hunting turkeys, you want to make sure you blend into your surroundings. That means even your neck, head, and face should be camouflaged. There are a couple options; you can apply face paint or wear a hunting mask or net. A neck gaiter is good for warmth and to protect you from wind. For your head, many hunters like wearing a camouflage baseball cap, but if you’re going to be hunting in the cold, then a warmer camo beanie may be more appropriate.

Not sure if you want to do a mask or face paint? The mask is mesh and camouflage that covers your face, it’s easy to use but some hunters don’t like things rubbing against their face. On the other hand, face painting takes time to prepare and you’ll have more cleanup time, but it also means you don’t have to wear a net.

Safety tip: Never wear any form of camo with red, white, or blue when turkey hunting. If you do, you could accidentally  be mistaken for a tom by other hunters who might be nearby. Good luck hunting and stay safe!

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