Waterfowl hunting tip, staying camouflaged is key to a successful hunt

By: JPT Captain, Gabby Olson

Next time you head out waterfowl hunting pay attention to your surroundings and blend in the best you can to give yourself the best chance at being successful. Using a camo pattern in the colors of your surroundings will work best to help keep your location concealed. You will also want to stay low to help avoid silhouetting yourself to the sky.

If you are using a blind whether that be in a field, boat, or on a shoreline it is best to use materials from the area you are hunting in to best match your surroundings. Brush, cattails, leaves, or straw can all work great, just blend in the best you can.

Another aspect to think about is your gun. While duck hunting you will also have to keep your gun concealed to prevent flaring oncoming birds. You can keep your gun hidden until it’s time to take the shot. They have guns that are painted in a non glossy camo pattern that can make it much easier to conceal, but cheaper alternative is purchasing a camo pattern tape to cover your gun.

Don’t forget about your face. A mesh camo face mask, or camo paint will really help you blend in with your background.

Put yourself in a location waterfowl is known to hang out, blend into your surroundings, and shoot straight!

Good luck hunting and stay safe.

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