JPT Member’s First Solo Turkey Hunt

My first solo turkey hunt!

By Outdoor News Junior Pro Team Member Isaac Chiodo
April 2020

It was opening day of the 2020 MN Turkey Season and I set out on my first ever solo turkey hunt. I headed to the blind around 1:00pm and within an hour there was a real nice tom strutting out into the field at about 200 yards. This bird was in no hurry to make his way to the decoys. I called to him and he slowly strutted closer to about 90 yards but then got hung up, he just wouldn’t come any closer. It was like he had a hen nearby and didn’t want to leave her.

There was no hen, suddenly 10 jakes approached from behind my blind and the gobbler came and joined them but still wouldn’t come close enough for a shot. They all started moving away from me so I gave one more sequence of calls and this time they just turned and came back my way. When the gobbler got within 40 yards I pulled the trigger and dropped him. It was a great experience and very rewarding being able to be successful on my first solo hunt!

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