Youth Hunting: A Smart Parent’s Guide to Hunting with Kids

Hunting educates children on how to aim, shoot, and field dress an animal. It also arouses a lifelong passion for harvesting their own food, being in nature, and conserving the world around them. It's one of the most beneficial hobbies to instill in a child because it develops courage, determination, and resilience unlike other activities children are regularly engaged in, and allows the little ones to feel special, just like mom and dad, when out in the woods in pursuit of game.

Whether or not you consider yourself a hunter, it’s more important than ever to foster the sport in America’s youth. If there are children in your life, no matter if they’re your own, your nieces and nephews, your grandchildren, or your neighbors, open them up to the world of hunting and see what happens. has put together a list of resources to guide parents and mentors in building the next generation of hunters. Learn more

Here is some insight from one of our Outdoor News JPT Captains on his experience going through a Hunter Safety Education Course

Outdoor News JPT Captain Clay with his Hunter Safety Instructors

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