3 Turkey Decoy Tips

If you've read the Outdoor News Hunting and Fishing Report, you've likely noticed the "Pro Tip" feature. (In the Minnesota edition of Outdoor News, you'll find one every week!). In a recent edition, turkey hunting legend, Dick Alford, shared some valuable tips for spring turkey hunters.

Dick has 45 years of hunting experience, and his favorite species is wild turkeys.

Here are a three of Dick's tips for using decoys:

  • Use a little bit of clear fingernail polish on the eyes of your decoy. Dick says that wild turkeys make eye contact a lot and it makes the decoy more realistic.
  • Another trick you can use to dress up your decoys is to glue a couple of wild turkey feathers on the decoy's back so that if there is a light breeze, the feathers will add a little motion.
  • Use a lot of decoys at the start of the season, but only 1 or 2 at season's end, because that is when the hens are starting to sit on their nests.

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