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Tuned Up Custom Rods

[caption id="attachment_4879" align="alignnone" width="820"] Tuned Up Custom Rods Apex Elite Rod[/caption] TUCR APEX ELITE SERIES Shown is the 7’2″ Medium, Fast Action (Valued at $225) Each rod is hand built from the ground up in Coon Rapids, MN. Each build begins on hand designed, proprietary rod blanks that are “tuned” to each fishing application. Each…
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Catch All Your Fishing Action with the New Tactacam Fish-I Camera Tactacam has long set the standard for high definition recording of live action in the field. Whether hunting whitetail from a tree stand with a bow or flushing upland birds with your shotgun, Tactacam has been there to record those ultimate moments in the…
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Mentorship at the Laurentian Environmental Center

Several young members of the staff at the Laurentian Environmental Center (LEC) - host to the MN Deer Hunters Association  Forkhorn Camp program - shared their journey on becoming a mentor, then staff, after first being campers. LEC is located in Northern Minnesota. The Forkhorn camp series consists of three tiers: Forkhorn I: Intro to…
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2019 JPT Virtual Fishing Tourney Leaderboard

This contest gets underway July 1, 2019 and runs through August 11, 2019. Check back during the contest to see who's leading in the JPT Virtual Fishing Tourney Presented by Tactacam. The leaders listed below are from recently submitted entries -you could be the one to take their place on the leaderboard! Check the contest…
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