JPT Member Dane Zimdars: Turkey Hunting

May 2019: "I harvested a turkey with the help of my brother and dad. We were hunting in Fredonia, Wisconsin and were in the last season in our state. Our season started on Wednesday the 22 and we weren't able to get out much at first so we were thinking that maybe the turkeys got a little bit more into sticking in the woods.

So then we thought we might as well try on some public land. We tried in the morning of the 25th but had no luck. So then we tried in Fredonia. We had some birds that we seen in the far field so we thought that there is a chance that they might come over by us. My dad called a little and we didn't hear anything so he stood up to see if they were coming over.

All of a sudden, I saw him drop down next to me and he said one was about 70 yards out. I got ready because I know that he would be here any second. He came out at 50 yards and my dad said that he would be coming in right by us. I was having a little turkey fever so instead of waiting I took a far 50 yard shot with a 20 gauge shotgun.

My dad was in shock because he thought I had missed, but as the bird fell down right where I shot I knew it was a accomplished hunt. I went up by it and then we took it to the edge of the field and were surprised to see that it had 4 beards!!!!!

We measured it for a total of 33 inches of beard. It had a 1 1/2 spur and a 1 inch spur and was a huge bird. It was an amazing hunt and I can't wait to go turkey hunting next year!!!!!! It is probably going to be one of the best hunts that I will have, and I had so much fun!!!!!!"



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