Take a Kid Fishing Weekend is June 7-9

Kids will rarely be able to tell you their best day of watching TV but take them fishing and moments of angling excitement can make lifelong memories – it’s an often expressed sentiment and this weekend is a chance to put it into practice.

During Take a Kid Fishing weekend Friday, June 7, to Sunday, June 9, Minnesota residents can fish without licenses if they take children 15 or younger fishing.

“Time spent fishing can be can be a way for adults and kids to spend time outdoors together. We’re encouraging adults to get out and learn how to fish so they can bring kids out fishing all year,” said Jeff Ledermann, DNR education and skills team supervisor. “Fishing can be a lifelong activity that connects folks to the wild places right outside their doors.”

While Minnesotans 15 and younger don’t need fishing licenses any time of the year, Take a Kid Fishing Weekend is a way for adults and kids to fish together without the step of buying a license.

Adults who want to learn how to fish can visit the DNR website at mndnr.gov/GoFishing. The page covers fishing basics, where to fish, how to catch different types of fish, fishing programs to join, and the importance of fishing ethics and being stewards of Minnesota’s natural resources.

“It’s easy to get started fishing in Minnesota,” Ledermann said. “With just a few fishing tips and a spot picked out, most people can feel that tug on the end of the line if they get out and try.”

Fishing gear is available to borrow at state parks. The DNR’s I Can Fish program teaches the basics of fishing and runs throughout the summer at state parks. Even when it’s not Take a Kid Fishing Weekend, Minnesota residents generally can fish in state parks without a fishing license if the body of water does not require a trout stamp. These and other hands-on activities are available online at bit.ly/gofishingmn.

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