2017 Ice Products – New Augers, Shelter & Sleds

We’ve all had a front row seat to watch this modern ice fishing world develop over the past decade or so. Shelters built lighter that keep you warmer, augers that no longer require gas to drill a hole, and plastic sleds built strong enough to pull on tar roads are now as common as the simple jiggle stick once was.

Yep, these changes have been good for the ice fishing masses and without a doubt, turned a lot of average ice fishermen into accomplished winter anglers.

Clam Shelters

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Ice Team, Clam Outdoors has produced a limited edition, custom design on two of its popular shelters. The one-man Legend XL and two-man Voyager flip-over style fish houses have been produced with a cutting edge new look, new features, and a 3D logo commemorating the 20th Anniversary.

These one-of-a-kind thermal shelters will only be available for a limited time and have all the bells and whistles not found in many portable units.  Super tough 900 total Denier fabric, full thermal skin, deluxe swivel seats that move front to back and left to right, and increased tub design.

The Blazer Stealth Thermal is a new one-person flip over shelter that weighs only 42 pounds, making it the perfect fit for the run-and-gun angler and easy in and out from your pickup bed.

This simplified version of the popular Fish Trap also is ideal for anglers who might just be getting into ice fishing or those that need an ultralight, portable shelter for early and late season ice adventures. The Tri-bond tech skin keeps heat in and the light out, which makes the Blazer Stealth Thermal perfect for sight fishing as well.

Clam’s Stealth Spearfisher Thermal has the same head and fishing room as their Escape Ice shelter, but in a full thermal skin. Thermal technology, more headroom and durable hubs and poles make the Stealth Spearfisher Thermal the perfect ice fishing shelter for hardcore anglers and their families.

As the name implies, the dark interior also makes it ideal for spearfishing or sight fishing. The black fabric attracts sunlight to help naturally heat the shelter on sunny days.

Clam is introducing two new hub-style shelters for this season - the Escape Ice and Refuge Ice. Both of these shelters are easy to set up and pack down, come with triple layer corners, and the toughest hubs on the ice.

A cutting edge new pattern consists of cracked ice accent with a black roof to help attract sunlight and retain heat. But the biggest addition are the bigger hubs, flex-tested poles, internal anchor system, and extra wide skirt for snow banking.


Otter Outdoors has reinvented the hub-style shelter and introducing the new XTH Pro Series, which is loaded with cutting edge design features.

These new features include removable Thermal Polyurethane windows, heavy duty ice anchors and anchor straps with quick release cam buckles. Otter’s exclusive ICE-LOCK anchoring system provides three point corner lock-downs to help prevent wind lift and corner wear.

Interior storage features such as overhead hammocks, integrated rod and tool holders, and deep cargo pockets keeps gear off the ice and organized. A propane gas port allows you to put the heat where it’s needed.

For warmth and protection from the elements, these hubs feature Otter’s ThermalTec 600 denier insulated shells - a triple layer insulating system designed specifically for cold weather shelters and it eliminates internal condensation. Toss in a heavy duty, oversize 900 denier carry bag with a protective liner and you’ve got a complete shelter that packs up with ease. The Otter XTH Pro Hubs are available in sizes to accommodate two to eight people.


Frabill is introducing the Aegis Model 2415 to its workmanlike lineup of Aegis flip-over shelters. Aegis shelters provide anglers with an unprecedented combination of five distinct seating positions, three insulation choices, and two distinct entry configurations. This allows anglers to fish where they want, not how your shelter dictates.

The new Aegis Model 2415 brings SideStep Entry to the Aegis line.. With doors located on either end of the shelter, you no longer have to step over holes and gear while entering and exiting. A near-vertical front wall maximizes this units 20 square feet of fishable space by increasing headroom and allowing more room for hook sets.

The Aegis Model 2415 features Frabill’s innovative Combo-Case Bench Seating for all day comfort and storage, a durable thermo-formed sled base, and an alloy frame that’s stronger and lighter than most traditional frames.


The Eskimo Grizzly Flip Shelter packs into one of the toughest tubs on the market. It’s a sturdy 70 inch roto-molded sled that can take any beating it’s given and includes slots for storing gear. Deeper runners help the Grizzly track straighter and slide across the ice with minimal effort.

A new, fully adjustable Versa seating system sits on top of the sled with two seats that swivel, slide front-to-back, side-to-side, and also lift for easy access underneath. New square aluminum tubing makes for a sturdy framework and it’s wrapped in Eskimo’s new 900D, four layer StormShield insulated fabric.


Harnessing the most modern technology available, the new Strikemaster Lithium 40V auger has the speed and power of a gas auger and the ability to cut 100 holes through 16 inches of ice with its eight inch blade or 70 holes with its 10 inch blade on a single charge.

Built from the ground up with features that will make a difference on the ice, the Lithium 40V combines decades of ice auger experience with leading edge design and power engineering. A 40- volt, five amp-hour lithium ion battery powers an electric DC brushless motor to provide consistent speed and torque from hole to hole without reduced power or slow down from a waning battery.

The gear system gives the Lithium 40V lightweight durability and high power density for unmatched performance. Legendary Swedish-made Mora full length spiral and stainless Lazer blades provide fast, high performance cutting. Dual forward/reverse control provides the opportunity to cut holes and flush the slush from them.


The Eskimo F1 eight inch Rocket Auger rips through ice by maximizing the engine’s peak power and paired with a new high-speed, all metal transmission, the Rocket Auger sets the bar even higher for gas powered augers.

An all new cast bottom perfectly aligns both blades for even and consistent drilling, resulting in incredibly smooth cutting and breakthrough. The combination of all these features allow the F1 with eight inch Rocket Auger to bore through ice at an amazing pace. This auger is streamlined to be as lightweight as possible, weighing a mere 22 pounds, while maintaining durability and reliability in tough conditions.

The ION X 10 inch from Eskimo was built based on demand from anglers. The revolutionary ION X electric auger is now available as a full 10- inch unit. It still cuts quickly and smoothly and an updated cast bottom helps you cut through thicker ice without bogging down.

Paired with a high capacity XC5 battery, the ION X 10 inch can drill through 640 inches of ice on a single charge. Now you can cut a bigger hole, but still enjoy all the benefits of switching to electric, which means lighter weight, minimal maintenance, slush-flushing reverse, and no exhaust or fumes.


Unlike other polyethylene molding processes, Otter Outdoors implements Roto-Molding for its sleds, which results in a much more durable product due to its seamless surfaces and uniform wall thickness.

The Otter Sport Sleds feature this process, so you’ll find more material in their corners in order to absorb shock and stresses where they occur most while hauling gear across the frozen landscape. Since the material isn’t stressed during production, the finished product is stronger, more reliable, and less susceptible to cracking in extreme conditions.

The Otter Sport Sleds are available in three sizes and come with a tow rope for hand pulling. An optional universal tow hitch adapter also is available for towing with a hitch.


Finally, a rod rack designed strictly for ice fishing combos. Catch Cover is introducing a new T-lock design that keeps rods securely in place while traveling without extra straps or foam. This rack can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and holds six ice fishing rod and reel combos.

It’s designed with durable ABS construction with handy built-in hook and tool holders. Mounting holes are spaced 16 inches on center and measures 17.5 inches x 7.5 inches x 2 inches.



It’s a completely new idea and the SnowDog takes where you need to go - on ice, snow, swamp, field, and forest. Instead of riding on top like a snowmobile, the SnowDog pulls you and your cargo behind it in a sled or wheeled cart. It works on all types of terrain and is ideal for ice fishing.

You can connect multiple sleds to pull your family and all your gear, the SnowDog is capable of hauling up to 1,100 pounds depending on the model and type of surface. It’s also small enough to fit in the back of a pickup or SUV and range in weight from 265- to 330- pounds.

The SnowDog is available in four different models and are powered by a 10 horsepower or 13 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine with electric start. All models feature disc brakes, emergency stop switch, front headlight, CVT type transmission and heavy-duty fabric cover.

Otter Outdoors has reinvented shelter lighting with its Pro LED light kit that offers true universal placement and the ultimate in illumination options.

Two rubber, encased flat back light strips offer a maximum of 1,200 lumens of brightness that’s controlled with an in-line dimmer dial. Non-slip, cam buckle mounting strips allow you to place the lights exactly where you need them and to set your light any angle you need in any flip-style shelter. These lights connect to any 12- volt battery and they come with alligator clips and an extra long power cord.

Introduced last year  as two of six different seating options on Frabill’s flip-over shelters, their Padded Trunk and Boat Seat On Trunk are now available to purchase individually.

These feature a lightweight, yet durable plastic trunk that provide ample storage room for all kinds of gear and accessories. Fully removable lids that lock and incredible seating comfort in both models complete these options.

RAZR Ice Augers from Vista International.

Vista International has been a major supplier of Ice Augers to one of the industry’s leading brands for well over a decade. They have decided it is now time to sell their augers direct under the brand RAZR.

RAZR’s deep orange color is not the only thing that sets them apart. Their Lithium 24V and 40V augers w/reverse each have a 7Ah battery which means they last longer and drill more holes on single charge, even in the coldest of conditions. RAZR also offers 50V lithium, 51cc and 43cc gas models, plus curved and straight blade hand augers.


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