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Turkey hunting tip: Pattern your gun now before it’s too late

I’ll be honest: I don’t pattern my turkey gun every year. Well, I haven’t in the past anyway. The 12-gauge I use when I’m running and gunning was built for the purpose, and it has treated me well whenever a longbeard has poked his head up within range. Or at least, that was I was…
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Late season pheasant hunting tips: Go where others fail to go

We’ve been hitting the public sloughs hard during the past few weeks in search of some roosters, and the sheer volume of competition has surprised me. Weekends are a zoo, and even during the weekdays there are plenty of people following dogs around. It’s impossible to find a chunk of ground that hasn’t seen recent…
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Fall turkey hunting tips: how to get covered in birds

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions in the hunting world when it comes to deer and other big game. Fall turkeys, while they don’t get a whole lot of love, also are plagued by false beliefs.  The old standbys are, of course, that they don’t make any noise, you can’t call them in, and…
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Waterfowl hunting time: scouting small-water ducks

By: Tony Peterson When it comes to duck hunting, I’m certainly not an expert. I entered the world of waterfowl late in life and have been playing a game of catch-up for about five years. Any greenhead is still a trophy to me, as is a Canada goose. That’s one of the reasons I focus…
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